Management Committee

The members of the Management Committee take responsibility for the overall coordination of activities between the five subject area groups and the work to be done before, in between and after the SAG meetings. It also supports the Management Team in preparing discussion papers for the Advisory Board and the Quality Assurance Board and discusses the proposals / suggestions of these boards to implement / fine tune / accommodate the activities of the SAGs. It meets before and after each combined meeting of the SAGs and has a launch, an intermediate and a closing meeting.


Members of the Management Committee:

University of Groningen Robert Wagenaar Overall project coordinator
University of Groningen Ingrid van der Meer Project manager,
University of Deusto Pablo Beneitone Project team member
ETS, Princeton Thomas Van Essen Project team member tvanessen@ETS.ORG
Universidade do Porto Alfredo Soeiro Coordinator SAG Civil Engineering
Università degli Studi di Genova Alfredo Squarzoni Coordinator SAG Civil Engineering
Education for an Interdependent World Julia Gonzalez Coordinator SAG Education
Università di Pisa Ann Katherine Isaacs Coordinator SAG History
University of Iceland Gudmundur Halfdanarson Coordinator SAG History
Università degli Studi di Padova Ornella Pantano Coordinator SAG Physics
Universidad de Granada Fernando Cornet Coordinator SAG Physics