Management Team

The Management team consists of the project team based in Groningen (International Tuning Academy Groningen) and the co-coordinator based in Bilbao (Deusto International Tuning Academy; leader work package 3 Quality Assurance) and experts of Educational Testing Service (Amsterdam (NLD) – Princeton (USA). In particular the Groningen team takes care of the organization of meetings and draft agenda’s; it also prepares (policy) guidelines which should serve as a basis for the defining of the subject area and sectoral qualifications framework and the assessment frameworks.

In the framework of the Management Team and the project the non-profit organisation ETS contributes technical expertise required to implement the project successfully. A key role is foreseen in offering support for the development of the five assessment frameworks. The organization also takes the lead in the writing of two two policy / strategic documents: a detailed work plan for the creation and implementation of the assessments and a white paper that lays out the costs/benefits for various assessment designs.


Management Team International Tuning Academy and Educational Testing Service (ETS)

University of Groningen Robert Wagenaar Overall project coordinator
University of Groningen Ingrid van der Meer Project manager
University of Deusto Pablo Beneitone Project team member
ETS, Princeton Thomas Van Essen Project team member tvanessen@ETS.ORG
ETS Global Maria Victoria Calabrese Project team member