Quality Assurance Board

The Quality Assurance Board monitors the (progress of the) project as well as its outcomes. The board consists of four members, which have been selected for their particular expertise. The Board is informed at a regular basis and is invited to comment on all written documentation to be produced by the Consortium. Advice is offered on an individual basis in written form and if thought useful by skype or phone. Members of the QA Board participate in the combined meetings of the Advisory Board.

Members of the Quality Assurance Board are:

International Cooperation:

– Tim Birtwistle, emeritus professor; former president EAIE; liaison EU and USA (Lumina Foundation) Tuning projects

Quality Assurance:

– Mark Frederiks (NAVO/ECA)

– Iring Wasser, Managing Director ASIIN e.V.

HE-Business relations:

– Tomaz Dezelan, University of Ljubljana