CALOHEE Expert Group established on Civic, Social and Cultural Engagement (January 2021)

As an integral part of developing Qualifications Reference Frameworks and Assessment Reference Frameworks for a growing number of Subject Areas, a first expert group has been set up in the context of the topic Civic, Social and Cultural Engagement. This group of experts will concentrate on the first of five dimensions of learning identified, thought to be of relevant of all Higher Education programmes: 1. Societies and Cultures: Interculturalism; 2. Processes of information and communication; 3. Processes of governance and decision making; 4. Ethics, norms, values and professional standards; 5. Climate change.  

As members of this expert group on Interculturality have been appointed: Dr. Carla Deardorff, Research Fellow (Social Science Research Institute) Duke University USA; Adinda van Gaalen, PhD Candidate Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG), Faculty of Political and Social Sciences Ghent University; Prof. Ann Katharine Isaacs, University of Pisa; Dr. Julia Gonzalez, EDIW; and Dr. Maria Yarosh and Prof. Robert Wagenaar, University of Groningen. The role of this expert group is develop an Assessment Reference Framework which can be used as a source for defining and/or enhancing of Subject Area (Assessment) Reference Frameworks.

Also for the four other dimensions expert groups will be established.